Your Med Info is private and stored only on your personal mobile devices and not in a cloud. The functionality of the application is designed to store your med info on your mobile devices. You agree to let others such as medical personnel or those who can assist in a time of need to access your med info in an emergency situation. And you may simply access your med info for a doctor’s appointment or filling out the required paper work.

There is no need to try and memorize your med info. During a crisis there’s no time to search for medical papers and prescriptions when the med info you require is already stored and accessible on your mobile devices.

The Bert Alert Med Info app on your mobile devices does not require any cell towers or network connections making your med info accessible anytime worldwide. It is the App user’s responsibility to contact emergency services. The Bert Alert Med Info app is unique. And keeping your mobile devices unlocked and in good working condition allows for your med info and those of your pets to always be accessible.

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