The Bert Alert Med Info App is becoming the most recognized App in the world to store your med info, family members and the med info of your pets on your mobile devices. Another part of our mission is to donate a portion of revenues to assist animal shelters. And seek volunteers who can identify shelters in need of financial aid in their own countries and communities.

Tell your friends, neighbors and family members that you have the Bert Alert Med Info App on your mobile devices. In an emergency situation, if present, they can inform first responders and medical personnel that your med info is stored on your mobile devices.

Bert Alert Med Info App was founded in the USA to provide a unique App for all people worldwide to record their med info, family members, and their pets on their mobile devices. We have offices in Arizona, California and associates in Minnetonka, MN and New Delhi, India. We are staffed with enthusiastic and caring people who will respond quickly to inquiries.